The key Enneagram off Gurdjieff and its relationship to Universal Vortex Math

The key Enneagram off Gurdjieff and its relationship to Universal Vortex Math

In the geometry, an enthusiastic enneagram are an effective nine-directed plane shape.

is amongst the symbol from Gurdjieff, similar to the God and the mix however Gurdjieff made zero mention of it in his trilogy:”Every and you will Everything” (“Beelzebub’s Stories so you can Their Grandson”, “Conferences with Remarkable People”, and layer of one’s Third Show)!

New Enneagram appear to start with off P. D. Ouspensky’s “Looking for the Miraculous”, Chapter fourteen in which Gurdjieff offered a great lecture indicating which icon. This is before the beginning of Institute for the Harmonious Development of Guy from inside the Fontainebleau therefore the composing of Beelzebub’s Reports. Subsequently this has been stretched up on because of the millions of people as the a hack out of spiritual innovation. A big globe has changed about examination of their intersecting contours, especially in the mapping of 9 character designs (randomly chosen) in addition to their affairs. Of many are very steeped providing demonstrations, attracting diagrams, and you will acting as therapists within these degree with getting synonymous with the enneagram, known as Enneagram_of_Personality from the Wikipedia, which had been raised out-of Gurdjieff from the Oscar Ichazo and you can Helen Palmer. The Last Ways Enneagram during the Wikipedia takes on next fiddle in order to they today. It’s the Ouspensky and you can John G. Bennett followers which utilize this label, nevertheless would be accurately called the Gurdjieff Enneagram. Brand new so-titled ‘scientific’ knowledge of the “Last Method Enneagram” that you will need to expect events making use of the half dozen vectors from new continual es off opportunity.

Astrology already keeps a dozen systems, but they are of your own substance, whereas such nine versions from the Enneagram_of_Identity seek to map brand new character. The fresh new character is simply brand new fake build that we perform to shield our substance about world. Ultimately, this study off personalities is actually a complete waste of time in this building off a spirit, which is mainly based abreast of essence. You will be able that the training could well be helpful in brand new manipulation away from individuals that do not have an idea which they has actually a substance, however, obviously suits zero mission to help you one’s religious progress.

The key Enneagram regarding Gurdjieff and its own link to Common Vortex Math

While i read this excerpt, I thought to myself, it have to be an error also it is going to be “Sevenfoldness” as in new “Laws regarding Heptaparaparshinokh”, especially in the fresh context of 7 notes regarding the octave. When it is actually supposed to be the one and only resource on 9 affairs of Enneagram, it’s unusual, given that unique contour very contains 7 lines you to definitely privately relate solely to the new repeating quantitative being the section from the seven. The other a couple of activities are from the inner triangle which is tend to overlooked.

It is more likely that stated ‘Law away from Ninefoldness’ pertains to help you things more complex as compared to Enneagram and was not known by the Gurdjieff in the course of their writing. It “Rules away from Ninefoldness” probably is the has just located (or shall We say appreciated) Vortex Math which will be displayed contained in this lecture. For the Vortex Mathematics the amount nine has actually a different relationship, particularly, one of several services off 9 is that in case it is put into a variety, it offers you to exact same ft matter:

It is essential to observe that the entire process of “reduction”, because the used throughout the that it speech, should be to create the digits more than nine with her to exhibit the essence once the step 1-nine. This really is a common routine into the Numerology.

The quantity is additionally printed in the latest cosmos: diameter of the environment: 7920 kilometers (7+9+2+0 = 18 = 9), sq ft = 144 in, cubic foot 1728 in, square lawn=1296 inches, (multiply because of the ten are 12960 and 12960 ages (one half of one’s precession of your equinoxes twenty five,920 many years), system 360 stages, square ninety levels x 4 = 360 values, equilateral triangle sixty values x step 3 =180 degrees, pentagon= 108 x 5= 540 amounts (silver nuclear lbs 108), pyramid truncation 4 x 180 level = 720 amount, cube six x 360 = 2160 values

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